Translation services

Would you like to enter the international market?

Many companies aim to cross the country border and export their products and services. An essential way of succeeding in becoming an international company is to communicate in different languages. Using English will bring you a step forward, but it may be crucial for some markets to have information on additional languages. When thoroughly researching the markets to approach with your company, you may consider the most critical communication language(s). Some industries also have specific characteristics regarding language and how to approach clients.

Assistance in your work

Språkøret can help you to perform this kind of work. Do you need to clarify your potential markets, how your company can approach them in the best possible way or how the industry in the actual country works? We can be your discussion partner – and eventually help complete the upcoming tasks, e.g., translating websites, newsletters, product descriptions, catalogues or general texts.

Languages offered are English, German, Italian, Swedish and Danish into Norwegian.

Contact us today, and we will look into your needs and find a solution!