Translation services

International or not?

Many companies aim for crossing the country border and go for exportation of products and services. An important way of succeeding in becoming an international company is to communicate in different languages. Using English will bring you a step forward, but for some markets it may be crucial to have information also on further languages. When you have a clear perception of which markets to approach for your company, you can consider the language(s) to communicate in. Some industries also have specific features regarding language and how to approach the clients. 

​Assistance if desired

Språkøret can help you in this work. Do you need to clarify your potential markets, how your company can do the best possible approach towards these or how the industry in the actual country is working? We can be a discussion partner for you - and eventually help you in your continuous work of e.g. translating web sites, newsletters, product descriptions, catalogues or general texts.