Three years!

The day has come and passed by, and on the 1st of October I could celebrate the 3-year anniversary for my full time occupation Språkøret.

In my eagerness to deliver various assignments well before the deadline, this was completely forgotten … Autumn has so far been active, mostly with assignments from various domestic and international translation agencies, working with large and well-known brands that I can not talk so much about – but it’s exciting nonetheless!

These three years have been extremely educational, exciting, fun, hard, challenging, rewarding, tiring and fun, and have created relationships with a number of great people and various companies around the world. The assignments have been quite varied, with contents from for example dating apps, cars, cat food, furniture, tourism and Russian ballet, and they have all provided an increased insight and understanding of how complex the world – and we – are. The sense and love of language has grown and gets stronger with each assignment, and rest assured that many thousand words have been typed throughout these three years 😉

I am grateful for being able to do something that feels meaningful and where I can contribute to make a difference – thank you from all my heart to customers and partners, office colleagues and good friends!